Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last night I was watching the football game after FHE and I was all alone in the TV room after having the fam over for dinner and a lesson. I could see this big black plastic cauldron sitting on top of the entertainment center. I kept trying not to think about it, but I knew it was full of trick or treats. I could picture the Snickers, Kit Kats, Reeses, Hersheys, M&Ms, Twix, all up there in that bowl. I knew it was just out of my reach. I kept trying to “not think about it”, but I finally capitulated. I couldn’t quite get it. I could touch it and coax it. I just needed a few more inches. I pulled a stool in from the kitchen and knelt on it to be a tiny bit taller, and I clutched the cabinet with one hand and tried to work the bowl with the other. I had a strange sensation of movement, then I realized the whole cabinet was tipping toward me, and together we went down. I was lying on the floor under this big heavy cabinet with that cauldron of candy perfectly fine sitting beside me. I screamed for Gary, and he came. I was embarrassed but helpless and hurting. He was able to lift the cabinet just enough for me to crab walk out from underneath it. I am battered, bruised and hurting, but I believe everything will heal. I didn’t eat any candy. I keep wondering what I was supposed to ‘learn’ from this. I still wonder. I feel embarrassed. I know this story will make me the joke of the day. I even photographed it for my blog—I’m trying to be a ‘good sport’, but inside I feel shame. Now everyone knows… and why would I think they didn’t? It is just so… “caught in the act”. What is this woman doing climbing a stool to raid the kids candy bowl? Why does she have a candy bowl? Isn’t she on a diet?.... She should be. I’m giving my thoughts to everyone. Something in me says just go get that candy and eat yourself sick. The pain will subside. What irrational thoughts.


Mandy said...

Mom I love you so much!!! Save some of that candy for me and don't put it up so high!!!

ShEiLa said...

This is what would happen to me... if I had a candy bowl. But I don't and I don't have any problem that you do.

I am very sorry that you got hurt.

Of course I am the neighborhood clutz. Every time I fall I look up to see if Shella, Leslie, or anyone else just saw me take a tumble.


Amy Joy said...

OH, Mama Leavitt! I am so glad you are not really hurt and that it was not one of the kids. I put the candy on the fridge but it didn't stop me. I know how you feel! You are a beautiful lady. There is WAY too much good about you to judge that litle bad. AND oh my that jacket. That is what my Levi would have done:-)